Funding Has Ended

Thank you to everyone that participated in my Winter 22’ Fundraising Campaign. My studio, Aura IV Tattoo Gallery, has received such a huge response over these last couple of years. Hosting the largest group art shows in tattooing, a few nationally recognized charity events supporting various causes including breast-cancer, and giving back to our community is just the start for AURA IV.

This fundraiser went incredibly well, and the amount of support I have been shown over the years is astounding. I value time and energy immensely, having this many people contribute really means the world. It doesn’t seem like long ago I was hoping to reach a point in my career where my constant work and diligent creative efforts would be able to achieve this height.

AURA has big plans for 2023. Recently I was approached with an opportunity for growth and expansion to increase our footprint and scale our efforts mentioned. In the New Year, alongside AURA IV, I will be sharing more as our timeline closes in.

For now, best I can share is to mark your calendars for April 15th 2023.